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INTERVIEWStudent Interview 


Employed at a hot spring resort
Major in Health and Nutrition Studies in a Taiwanese University

The practical education I received helped me find a job.

I am employed at a resort in Hakone, an area that is famous for its Onsen (hot springs). Currently, I am mainly in charge of the reception desk. It is not easy to serve customers using Keigo (honorific speech in Japanese), but it is useful that I have studied Keigo expressions well before. When I hear from the customers, "It was a good Onsen, it felt good." I feel really happy and I am glad that I am doing this job.


Employed in the manufacturing industry
Major in Japanese Language at a University in Thailand

I felt reassured because my seniors were people I knew from when I was at university in Thailand.

What led me to finding a job in Japan was when I attended the ABK job fair, I heard about the company from the president and a senior staff. The senior staff is someone who I have known since I was in university in Thailand. So, I felt a sense of security because of that.


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