ABK 公益財団法人アジア学生文化協会 The Asian Students Cultural Association

The Asian Students Cultural AssociationThe Asian Students Cultural Association

Main Operations

Student Dormitories

With Asia Bunka Kaikan as its central facility, the Association operates dormitories for foreign students and researchers from Asia and other parts of the world, as well as a few Japanese students (can accommodate 236 residents). We hold an International Festival and meetings for exchanges with local residents to facilitate international understanding and exchange between dormitory residents and the local community.

Asia Bunka Kaikan (120 residents; opened 1960)
Other Dormitories
Shinsei Gakuryo Dormitory (15 residents; opened 1924)
Fujimae Dormitory (50 residents; opened 2001)
Somei Dormitory (13 residents; opened 2002)
Nippori Dormitory (9 residents; opened 2004)
Yamabuki Dormitory (29 residents; opened 2004)
Sugamo Dormitory (13 residents; opened 2009)
Tabata Dormitory (13 residents; opened 2009)

Japanese Language Education

The Japanese Language Institute opened in 1983 to provide Japanese language education to international students desiring to enter Japanese universities, graduate schools, and professional training colleges and those aiming to improve their mastery of Japanese and obtain qualification in the language.

■Courses and Enrollment Capacities

Course Capacity Duration
Preparatory Course for University 220 1year, 1.5years
Japanese General Purpose Course 180 1year, 1.5years
Total 400  

■Administration of International Student Sponsorship Programs

  • Foreign Government Sponsorship Programs:
    Thai Government Program / Malaysian Government Program / Indonesian Province Government Program / UAE Government Sponsorship Program
  • Private Foundation Sponsorship Programs:
    Japan-Turkey Scholarship Society Program(for Turkish students) / OTOMO Taro Memorial Scholarship Program (for Chinese students) / Petronas-Mitsubishi Scholarship Program (for Malaysian students) / ABK Foster Parent Scholarship IWAKUNI Shuichi Sponsorship Program (for Myanmarese students) / The Public Trust Takashimaya International Fund Program (for Singaporean & Taiwanese students) / Aqua Scholarship for New Public Leaders (for Mongolian students) / SUGIURA Yuki Memorial Asian Educational Foundation (for Vietnamese students)


We provide scholarships from the Japanese government, private organizations, and other sources for enrolled students (35 recipients in 2006).


We develop and publish a variety of Japanese-language textbooks, such as the following. They are also available overseas.

Preparing for the Japanese Proficiency Test Level 3
Preparing for the Japanese Proficiency Test Level 4 and others

■Cooperation with Institutions in Other Countries

Through cooperative agreements with Japanese language schools and other organizations in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, we admit students and provide prior guidance for those planning to study at ABK's Japanese Language School.

Seminar Programs

ABK Asia Seminars were begun in 1989 to provide opportunities to learn about Asia for Japanese desiring exchange and mutual understanding with other Asians. The seminars focus on language to introduce the culture of other Asian countries.

  • Courses in Asian languages
    Korean, Chinese (Mandarin), Cantonese, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Pilipino, Burmese and Thai
  • Translation and interpretation of Asian languages
  • Sending students to study the Thai language at the Technology Promotion Association (Thailand-Japan) language school
  • Hold lectures and culture courses

Programs to Support Foreign Students

From the time of its foundation, the Association has supported foreign students by providing advisory services and by conducting surveys and providing information related to foreign student acceptance. At present, we offer substantial information through the Internet and publications, conduct surveys and commissioned projects related to educational exchange, and support exchange between foreign students and citizens.

■Survey and provision of information on study in Japan for foreign students

  • Manage the Japan Study Support website (http://www.jpss.jp/)
  • Compile and publish the following : Scholarships for Foreign Students in Japan ; Japanese Universities' Graduate Programs for Foreign Students; Guide to University Entrance for Privately Financed International Students

■Commissioned Surveys on Educational Exchange

We are undertaking a wide variety of commissioned surveys and other projects related to international exchange in higher education and foreign student exchange, such as the following:

Project(years implemented) Country Client
Look East Policy education support service (2000-) Malaysia Malaysian Government
Survey study of systems and organizations to support campus globalization (2000) Japan JAFSA (Japan Network for International Education)
Study of the state of foreign student exchange between Japan and ASEAN countries (2003) ASEAN countries Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Survey for establishing Malaysia-Japan Technical University (MJTU) (2003) Malaysia Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Survey of higher education abroad (2005) India, Vietnam Japan Student Services Organization
Survey of institutions of higher education abroad (2006) Korea Japan Student Services Organization
Study related to future predictions for foreign student exchange (2006) Japan Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

■Cooperation in the activities of ABK Ryugakusei Tomo-no-kai and other voluntary citizens' groups that desire exchange with foreign students.

Public Relations Activities

The Association edits and publishes the monthly magazine, The Asia-no Tomo (first issue September, 1958). It carries useful information for foreign students and articles intended to deepen Japanese people's understanding of foreign students and their home countries in Asia.

Project to Commemorate the Association's 50th Anniversary

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Association, which was founded on September 18, 1957, we held a commemorative ceremony and other events in October, 2007. We are also undertaking on-going studies and planning in order to reorganize the Association's operations with a view to the future.

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Asian Students Cultural Association
Asian Students Cultural Association
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