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The Asian Students Cultural AssociationThe Asian Students Cultural Association


Asian Students Cultural Association was established in 1957 and celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2007. Since its founding 50 years ago, the Association’s objective has been to provide a place where scholars and students from the developing countries of Asia, Africa, Latin America and young Japanese students could live together like a multi-cultural family in a healthy, sincere atmosphere where mutual understanding could be deepened and friendships nurtured. At the same time, we aimed to implement various plans and cultural activities that would be necessary to make this possible.

With Shinsei Gakuryo Dormitory, a private student dormitory founded and headed by the late Hozumi Goichi, the Association received broad-based social support and, in 1960, built Asia Bunka Kaikan. The basic principle of communal life at ABK was that all peoples and all individuals are independent and equal, and ABK residents and staff all made a sincere effort to achieve the Association’s ideals.

In 1983, the long-cherished dream of foreign students formerly associated with ABK to have a Japanese language school at Asia Bunka Kaikan finally became a reality. This Institute adheres to the same philosophy and objectives as ABK. Specifically, for students from Asia and other parts of the world whose desire is to pursue further studies in Japanese universities, the Institute offers the preparatory educational courses required for university entrance. It also provides cultural exchange courses for those who wish to study Japanese language and culture more deeply.

We at the Association, while reawakening ourselves to the initial spirit in which the Association was founded, want to continue seeking ways in which Japan and the countries of Asia and the world can live together in peace. This can be accomplished only through the broad-based understanding and cooperation of people who concur in the objectives of the Association’s programs.

I sincerely request your further support and encouragement.

Ogiso Yu
Asian Students Cultural Association

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Asian Students Cultural Association
Asian Students Cultural Association
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