ABK 公益財団法人アジア学生文化協会 The Asian Students Cultural Association


50th Anniversary/Compilation of Essays
Request for essay contributions on “An Unforgettable Person…A Crossing of Paths during my student days in Japan.

To all current & former students in Japan (including trainees)”

In connection with the Asian Students Cultural Association’s (ASCA) 50th Foundation Anniversary, we are planning a compilation of essays written by students/trainees about their encounter with an unforgettable person during their stay in Japan. Calling all students & trainees! We invite you to write about “A Memorable Encounter” with a Japanese during your stay in Japan. We look forward to discovering another part of you, through which, we hope to convey what type of encounters move people and remain in their memory.
You all may be very busy, but we hope you would take advantage of this opportunity to recall such memories and write them down.
We are looking forward to receiving your essay contributions.

Who may contribute

  1. Foreign students related to the ASCA
    1. current or former residents of the ABK, Shinsei-gakuryo, Sosei-ryo, Hiroshima ABK, Nippori-ryo, Yamabuki-ryo, Fujimae-ryo, Ohta-kinenkan, Bungaraya-ryo, Ohmori-ryo, etc.
    2. Former foreign students who have been guaranteed by the ASCA(members of “CHIYUKAI, etc.”)
    3. Former students of the ABK’s Japanese Language school.
  2. Former trainees of the Association for Overseas Technical Scholarship(AOTS).
  3. Anyone outside of the above who has been as former student or trainee in Japan.


Initial deadline: August 31, 2007
2nd deadline: March 31, 2009

Contribution Rules

  1. Write about one person who is the most memorable for you.
  2. Necessary details:
    Title, Name, Current address, Telephone number, E-mail address, Current profession, University/company attended during study/training, Current or former company affiliations, Dormitory or address during your stay in Japan, Period of stay in Japan(from year/month to year/month), Photo (passport size)
  3. Essay:2,000 to 2,500 characters in Japanese.
    Preferably in WORD format (A4 size, horizontally written, font point 11) and send by e-mail. Spaces should be counted as characters.
  4. Language: Preferably Japanese. Possible in your native tongue.
  5. Those wishing to include related photos, allow a space of between 200-400 characters and subtract it form the essay’s length.
  6. Some editing may have to be done on your essay by the editing department.
  7. Essays are non-returnable.


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