ABK同窓生募金 ABK Alumni Fund

Request for Cooperation in ABK Almni Fund

Request for Cooperation in “ABK Alumni Fund”

Dear Sir / Madam,
 Let us begin by showing gratitude to cooperation and contribution to ABK for a long time.
 With your support, Asia Bunka Kaikan (ABK) where you have spent your student days has marked 50th Anniversary in 2007 and has stepped towards the next half century. We are extremely honored if our activities have contributed not only to developing your study and training in Japan as well as your human growth, but also to promoting human unity and network across the border as well.

 By the way our Japanese education activity (ABK Japanese Language Institute) which has begun since spring 1983 has broaden the school capacity to 400 students per year. However, this school has not been regarded as a legally authorized school because of the lack of standard of school facilities and furthermore this non-authorization as a school is also making disadvantage of tax burden to ABK. Therefore, we are now required to rebuild the ABK building to make the standard meet that of school facilities.

 We believe this will be the basis to reinforce the power of next generation who creates ABK future. At present, we are asking the various societies for cooperation. At the same time we earnestly wish to get over this hardship with partner of ABK alumni who happened to be related with ABK. Thus please allow us to set up “ABK Alumni Fund” as the following contents.
We are afraid we are asking too much of you under the current severe economic circumstances, but your full understanding and cooperation on this regard will be highly appreciated.

Director General
Asian Students Cultural Association (ASCA)

Originally there was a proposal to raise the fund among ABK alumni members which led to this “ABK Alumni Fund” with voicing that raising fund at ABK is essential to spread human network based on ABK spirit into Japan and the Asian countries. This was discussed in the meeting held on the occasion of 50th anniversary of ASCA. Especially the discussion was focused on to preserving ABK and the priority was given to establishing the ABK Japanese Language Institute at first which was pressed by the legal regulation change. This is why we came up with the concept of “ABK Alumni Fund”.
 Once again, your understanding and cooperation will be truly appreciated.

Please contact us:
Asian Students Cultural Association (ASCA) Bureau of 50th Anniversary Committee



Contents of Donation

①NameABK Alumni Fund
②Target of AmountJPY 50,000,000
③Amount of DonationJPY 10,000 per donation or higher
(More than one unit ¥10,000. Or ¥1000~9000 is also acceptable. Please refer to ◆1)
④Purpose for this FundThis fund is appropriated basically for school operation and management. Please refer to ◆2.
⑤To Whom Appeal for Donation is made・All Students and Trainees (including Japanese students)who have once lived in ABK or relevant dormitories, or who have been related with ABK for various reasons (Approx.1,000)
・Graduates of ABK Japanese Language Institute (Approx. 4,000 people)
・ASCA Japanese Clerk and Members (Approx. 1,000 people)
・All the people who support the aims of this Fund.
⑥Period2 Years Starting on April 1st, 2010
⑦How to Transfer Money Please choose 1) or 2) depending on your circumstances.
1) Payment by Credit Card 
(Please enter the following website)
Application for Donation  http://www.abk.or.jp/abkd/fund/fund_e.html 
* When you transfer by credit card, the maximum amount is advised to JPY 300,000 per remittance and lower for security reasons.


2) Payment by Bank Account(For details, please see below)
Bank Name : Mizuho Bank Hongo Branch
Account No. : Ordinary Savings Account No. 2789045
Account Name: Asian Students Cultural Association
Address: 2-12-13 Honkomagome Bunkyo-ku,Tokyo
Telephone: 03-3946-4121
 **Bank Transferring commission will be borne by Asian Students Cultural Association.
 ***Please write(input) your Address and Name when you remit.

◆1 As many of alumni members have already retired and the economic circumstances are differed in each country, your commitment on this Fund is looked upon more important than the amount itself.
For permanent memorial, we would like to keep and put your name carved on our new ABK building regardless of the amount. At the same time, we will praise for high contribution with special commendation.
◆2 It is required to possess the funds approximately 500 million yen for construction and 50million yen for the basic operation and management of the school to guarantee the sound school performance.